Local plan

Our local plan and supporting documents, showing the borough's approach to development.

Planning strategy

Policies on the vision and limits of development in the borough, including our development plan, conservation and heritage, and planning guidance

Apply for a planning permission

Find out how to apply for a planning permission, what are the fees for this, how to discharge planning conditions, planning forms and validations check lists and our privacy policy.

Buildings demolitions

Information you need if you are planning to carry out redevelopment which involves the complete demolition of a building site

Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood planning gives local communities the opportunity to create their own plans and proposals for shaping the future of their areas.

Planning amendments

Information about how minor and non-material amendments can be made and what kind of alterations belong to this category

View, comment or object

Find information about searching and viewing planning applications, commenting on a planning application and how to make an appeal.

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