Buildings demolitions

Information you need if you are planning to carry out redevelopment which involves the complete demolition of a building site

If demolition is part of a (re)development plan

If you are making a planning application for a redevelopment of a site you should ensure you mention the demolition of existing building(s).

In the case that the demolition of existing building(s) is included in a planning application, it will be covered by the grant of that planning permission. 

If you intend to demolish a building as a separate project simply to clear a site, you must apply to the local planning authority(us) for a determination as to whether prior approval is required.

Apply for demolition permission

Before demolishing a building, you should contact the local planning authority. If a prior approval application for demolition is required the relevant application can be found below. Please note a building act notification is not sufficient for this purpose.


The local planning authority will then have 28 days to consider the application. If the authority does not notify you within the 28 day period that prior approval is required, demolition may proceed according to the details submitted to the authority in the application or as have been otherwise agreed.

When applying for a demolition, you are required to post a site notice. This needs to be readily visible and legible by members of the public on or near the land on which the building to be demolished is sited. This notice should be erected after you apply for demolitio‚Äčn and needs to be in place for at least 21 days before demolition commences.

The 28 day determination period runs from the date of receipt of a valid prior approval application. If the authority gives notice that prior approval is required, we have an 8 week period from receipt of the submitted details to issue our decision, or a longer period if we agree that in writing with you.


Refusal of prior approval

You have the right of appeal to the Secretary of State if approval is refused, or if a decision on the details submitted is not given within the 8 week period. There is no right of appeal against the decision of the local planning authority to require approval of details.

When you can demolish if permission is given

The proposed demolition may be carried out at any time within 5 years of the approval, or in cases where prior approval was not required, within 5 years of the date of the application. Outside that period a further application to the local planning authority will be needed.


Application fee

The current fee for this application is ¬£96.00. 

Important notes 

The controls outlined above are in addition to controls that are exercised through the Building Act 1981 and prior approval does not confer any other consents required such as listed building consent/relevant demolition in a conservation area.

For further advice please contact the planning services team on 01642 774774.

Pursuant to Section 80 of the Building Act 1984, anyone wishing to carry out demolition works, must give notice to the local authority.