Report a breach of planning control

Information about the responsibilities of the enforcement team and how you can report an issue to them.

The role of our enforcement team

Our planning enforcement and compliance officers are responsible for investigating alleged breaches of planning control, for example, development being carried out without planning permission or breaches of planning conditions associated with an approved planning application.​

We (as local planning authority - LPA) recognise that many breaches of planning control are unintended and that, in the majority of cases, individuals responsible for them, once informed, will try to rectify the situation. Therefore, the enforcement team seek to negotiate a solution rather than immediately start formal enforcement proceedings.

Often a breach of planning control may be rectified by way of submission of a retrospective planning application, by variation of conditions attached to a planning permission, or other negotiated solution.

The government policy and guidance states that the LPA must only use enforcement powers where the unauthorised development is causing harm. The LPA can, therefore, decide not to take action if it considers the breach to be minor or insignificant.

However, the enforcement team will investigate all relevant breaches and advise any complainant of the outcome of their investigation. The LPA can only use its enforcement powers effectively if there is sufficient evidence available to demonstrate clearly that a breach of planning control has occurred and it is considered appropriate to take legal action.

Reporting a breach of planning control

Should you have any reason to suspect that development is being carried out without planning permission or not in accordance with an approved scheme, please let us know. It is important that as much relevant information as possible is provided, in particular, the address or location of the property concerned and full details of the alleged breach including dates and times, if relevant.

We will not deal with anonymous complaints because such comments are often based on neighbour disputes or by individuals seeking to lodge a vexatious complaint. The officers must be able to respond to the complainant even if that is only to confirm the result of the investigation.

If you have concerns about making a complaint, you may wish to seek the support of your ward councillor who may be willing to take the matter up on your behalf.

The LPA will treat all enquiries in a fair and reasonable manner and recognise the interests of all parties to the process, balancing the desire on the part of the complainant to see an early solution to the problem with the time needed by the person responsible for any breach of planning control to remedy the breach. The LPA will seek to resolve the issue through negotiation.

If you suspect a breach of planning control or have any comments or suggestions you should either:

  • write or visit us at: Development Management, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, Redcar and Cleveland House, Kirkleatham Street, Redcar, Yorkshire, TS10 1RT. (Office opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm; Friday 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.)
  • telephone us on (01642) 774774.
  • email us:
  • complete the ' Enforcement Complaint Form' which can be sent as an attachment in an email to:

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Key contacts 

Clive Watts (Senior Enforcement Officer) 

Tel 01287 612394

Enforcement documents

Click on the following link to view the planning enforcement register, policy and concordat: