Planning amendments

Information about how minor and non-material amendments can be made and what kind of alterations belong to this category

Occasionally an applicant may wish to make alterations to a scheme after it has been granted planning approval. Minor changes to approved plans can often be dealt with under an amended plan procedure. 

The application form, attached below, should be completed and relevant notices served on land owners. Please ensure you download the guidance notes in addition to the application form, as these explain in full what information is required when submitting this application. 

The fee payable for this type of application is £234, unless it is a householder application in which case the fee is £34. 

Alterations handled as minor/non-material amendments

We will, in most cases, accept the following as minor amendments to previously approved plans:

  • reduction in the volume/size of the building/extension
  • reduction in the height of the building/extension
  • amendments to windows/doors/openings that will not have any impact on neighbouring properties.

We consider the following to normally take a development beyond the scope of the permission and will therefore require a fresh application to be submitted:

  • significant increase in the volume of the building/extension
  • significant increase in the height of the building/extension
  • changes which would conflict with a condition on the original approval
  • additional and/or repositioned windows/doors/openings that will have an impact on neighbouring properties
  • changes which would alter the description of development from the original application
  • amendments that would warrant re-consultation either of neighbours, council departments or statutory bodies.

Application process

The process for applying for minor amendments to approved plans involves the submission of one copy of the application form, below, along with one copy of the amended plan(s)/drawing(s).

The submitted plans will be assessed by the original case officer, where possible, who will respond in writing as to whether or not the changes proposed are acceptable as an amendment.

Consideration of an application will be delayed if you do not complete the form properly or do not provide the information requested.

If you are unsure of the information required for the application, please contact the Development Management Section, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, Redcar and Cleveland House, Kirkleatham Street, Redcar, Yorkshire TS10 1RT or (01287) 612471 or (01287) 612628 or email

Responses to applications

We aim to respond within 28 days of receipt of the application form to advise you if the changes can be accepted as an amendment to the approved scheme, or whether a formal planning application needs to be made.​