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​​​​​​​​​Housing Advice & Information Team​​​

We offer support and help whether you're homeless or worried about becoming homeless. We'll give you advice based on your own circumstances. 

There are options available to help you stay in your current home. If that's not possible we can help you to find a different home.

You may find yourself at risk of becoming homeless for many reasons. Do not wait until you have been made homeless - contact us as soon as possible - we may be able to prevent this.

Contact the Housing Advice & Information Team on 01287 612444.


If you are calling outside of office hours (after 5pm Monday to Thursday and 4.30pm Friday), in an emergency, or if you are homeless and have nowhere to stay, you can contact the out of hours service by telephoning Beyond Housing on 0345 065 5656.​​​

Click the tabs below for more information about the help and support we can offer. ​

A person is threatened with homelessness if they:
  • are likely to become homless in 56 days;
  • have received a valid notice to quit (S21 notice);
  • have received a notice that their landlord requires possession of accomodation (NOSP) which expires within 56 days.

If you are threatened with homelessness and are eligible for help, we can help to prevent you becoming homeless. A person could become homeless if they:
  • have no home in the UK or elsewhere that they have a legal right to occupy;
  • have a movable home such as a boat or caravan and there is nowhere it can be placed lawfully;
  • are at risk from harm if they stay in their current home.

If you think you may be homeless or threatened with homelessness, we may be able to help you remain in your home or move to another home. It is important that you get in touch with us as soon as possible to give us the best opportunity of being able to provide help and support.
If you're homeless we will look at whether you have local connections in the area such as:
  • how long you have lived in our area;
  • if you are employed in our area;
  • if you have close family in our area;
  • other special circumstances.

    We will talk to you about your circumstances to help us understand your situation and the help and support that you may need from us.
    We'll fill in a Personal Housing Support Plan (PHSP) with you and agree what we can do to help you and what you need to do. Over the course of your application we will keep you up to date with what we are doing to help and support you. You will also need to make sure you keep in touch with us regularly to let us know what you've done from your PHSP.
If you wish to apply for a socially rented property you will need to join Compass, the Tees Valley Common Housing Register. By registering you will have the option to search for available homes and bid for your preferred properties. Register online to join the Tees Valley Common Housing Register For further assistance with an application you can contact Beyond Housing – Telephone: 0345 0655656

Change is coming - Introducing Tees Valley Homefinder

Tees Valley Homefinder is a new system that will be launching on Monday 2 August 2021 and will replace Compass (the Tees Valley Common Housing Register). Tees Valley Homefinder will provide a new, improved way to find a home and will be implemented alongside a new Common Allocation Policy. To find out more and what you need to do in advance of the 2 August 2021, please visit the Compass website.
We can provide advice, help and support to anyone who is sleeping rough.

Within Redcar and Cleveland there currently no dedicated outreach support services for rough sleepers. This reflects the low number of rough sleepers in our borough at any one time.

However, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council have a adopted a No Second Night Out (NSNO) policy in assisting rough sleepers. This includes verification of reports of rough sleeping, investigations into the circumstances that led to rough sleep and trying to find a solution for each rough sleeper. This work will include referral to other support and specialist services who may be required to break the cycle of rough sleeping.

If you have seen someone sleeping rough, or are concerned about someone who may be sleeping rough, please visit Streetlink to send an alert or contact the Housing Advice & Information Team.
If you're in prison or youth detention and will have no home upon release, we can assess your need and will work with you and other professionals to help find you a home.

We can offer advice on a range of issues. It is important for you to get in touch as soon as possible to give time for an assessment. This will provide time for potential housing options to be explored and for accomodation to be found.
If you've been in the care of the Local Authority, there are a range of services available to help you. This can include help to get accomodation and support.

For information about what assistance is available to you and the deaults of who to contact for further advice when leave care, please contact the Redcar and Cleveland TARGET Leaving Care Team.

If you've been in care and are about to become homeless, or you are homeless and need more help, please contact us.
If you are 16 or 17 years old and are either homeless or threatened with homelessness, a joint assessment will be completed by the Housing Advice & Information Team and Chuldren's Services. This assessment will include discussing your circumstances and any support needs. This will help us to prevent you becoming homeless and assist you to return home, where this suitable.

Contact the Housing Advice & Information Team or the South Tees Multi-Agency Children's Hub (MACH) by telephone on 01642 130700 or email the MACH Team
If you are a vicitm of domestic abuse, help and support is available regardless of age, gender and sexuality.

If someone is in immediate danger - please call the Police on 999 or 101.

If you have safeguarding concerns about an adult please contact our Adult Access Team on 01642 771500.

If you have safeguarding concerns about children please contact the South Tees MACH on 01642 130700 or by emailing the MACH Team

Help and support is available for those who are victims of domestic abuse.

The National Domestic Violence Helpline is a 24 hour freephone helpline ran in partnership with Women's Aid and Refuge. Please call 0808 2000 247 for help and support twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Foundation offers advice, information, help, support and counselling through a range of schemes and programmes, and in partnership with a network of external agencies, to ensure that your voice is heard. Contact foundation by telephone on 0300 4562214 or 01642 758993. You can also contact Foundation by email or visit the Foundation website.

Core Assets Children's Services offers theraputic and outreach services for children. To make a referral, please contact Simon O'Meara by telephone on 07813 054893 or click here to contact Simon by email. or visit the Core Assets website.

EVA Women's Aid provides a range of free, confidential and non-judgemental specialist support services for women and children who have been affected by any form of domestic abuse and/or secual violence at any time in their lives. You can contact EVA Women's Aid by telephone on 01642 490677 or you can contact EVA Women's Aid by email or visit the EVA Women's Aid website.

The Halo Project tackles forced marriages and honour based violence directly, offering support to victims and education to organisation. You can contact the Halo Project by telephone or 01642 683045. You can also contact the Halo Project by email or visit the Halo Project website.

Routes2 - You can contact the Routes2 team by telephone on 01642 241873. You can also contact the Routes2 team by email or visit the Routes2 website.
If you in hosiptial and will be unable to return home because of your ill health, it may be possible for your home to be adapted to help you stay there.

If you have no place to return when you are discharged from hospital, the Housing Advice and Information Team can assess your housing and support needs and work with you, and any professionals, to ensure accomodation is available for you when you are well enough to leave hopsital.

It is important to make contact as soon as possible to allow time for assessments to be complte and accommodation to be identified.
A number of public bodies have a duty to refer people who are homeless or who are likely to become homeless within 56 days to the local authority for assistance. The aim of the Duty to Refer is to help people access homlessness services as soon as possible, to prevent them from becoming homeless or, if they are already homeless, to put an end to it.

The public bodies who have a duty to refer are as follows:
  • prisons;
  • youth offender institutions;
  • secure training centres;
  • secure colleges;
  • youth offending teams;
  • probation services (including community rehabilitation companies);
  • Jobcentre Plus;
  • social service authorities;
  • emergency departments;
  • urgent treatment centres;
  • hospitals (in their function of providing inpatient care).

Whilst your agency might not be listed, we would still accept a referral through this route.

You can refer any customer/service user you've identified as being either homeless or threatened with homelessness.

You may know if a service user is sleeping rough and is already homeless. You may also know if your service user is homeless, but has somewhere to say (often known as sofa surfing) if they provide a 'care of' address or often changes their address.

Identifying that a family, couple or individual is threatened with homelessness is less straight forward. The following are factors that could indicate that a service user may be facing homelessness. This is when you should ask them about their housing circumstances.
  • problems with debt, particularly rent of mortage arrears;
  • problems with a landlord, being threatened with evicition or served notice to leave;
  • being a victim of domestic abuse, or other forms of violence, threats or intimidation;
  • approaching discharge from hospital, the armed forces, or release from custody, with no accommodation available to them;
  • having previously been in care, the armed forces or in prison.

The customer/service user must give their consent to be referred. Whilst an individual may choose the local authority they wish to be referred to, they should be advised if they are referred to an area where they have no local connection, they may be referred to another local authority where they do have a connection.

To ensure consistency, the twelve local authorities in the North East region have agreed a common referral form that can be used for all referrals. To refer a customer/service user, please either use the online portal or print the downloadable form (below) and email it or post it back to the relevant council. The contact details for each of the North East councils are included at the bottom of the form.

Duty to Refer Form

North East Local Housing Authorities Procedure

When the team receives a referral, they will contact the individual and carry out an assessment. If this assessment gives them reason to believe that the person may be homeless or threatened with homelessness, this will trigger a homelessness application.

If you are in any doubt, or if your customer/service user needs urgent housing assistance, please contact the Housing Advice & Information Team on 01287 612444.


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you could call our Customer Services Team on 01642 774774 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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