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Information about how we check the safety of private water supplies.

Private water supplies

Some residential properties and businesses do not use a mains water supply. Instead, they use private water supplies which are drawn from a variety of sources, including wells, springs, boreholes, surface water and streams.

There are 41 Private Water Supplies within the Borough of Redcar & Cleveland.

How do the local authority make sure a Private Water Supply is safe?

The local authority must check the wholesomeness and sufficiency of private water supplies. To do this Council’s Environmental Health (Commercial) Team sample and monitor the supplies.

A risk assessment is carried out for every Private Water Supply in the Redcar and Cleveland area to determine if there is a risk of supplying water that would be a potential danger to human health. This is reviewed and updated at least every 5 years.

Private Water Supplies must also be sampled and analysed. The Council will re-charge for the cost of this.

What if a Private Water Supply is found to be unsafe?

If the supply sample fails to meet the safety standards, the people who are likely to consume water from it will be informed and advice will be given on how to minimise any potential danger.

In some cases, the Council will have to use legal powers so that the supply owner takes steps to make the supply safe.

Where can I get more information?

Further information about Private Water Supplies can be found on the Private Water​ Supplies website or contact us directly.

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