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Information about the Virtual School and the support provided to children in our care and children previously in our care

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Support for children

Children in our care

Children in our care are automatically eligible to receive direct support from our Virtual School team with their education from the age of two to 18 years old. 

These children are educated across a large number of schools. The Virtual School play an important role in tracking their progress as if they were in a single school.

Sometimes these children have negative experiences with their education. Without additional support, they are more likely to under-achieve, compared to their peers. We want to make sure that the education of every child in our care is valued and supported.

To remove barriers and promote successful school experiences, we work closely and in conjunction with:

  • teachers
  • social workers
  • foster carers

Previously children in our care

If you're a parent or carer of adopted or previously children in our care (PCioC) you can receive advice or guidance from Redcar and Cleveland Virtual School.  You can contact us by calling 01642 837770 or emailing

Additional information

Virtual School Headteacher: Jo Johnson 

Deputy Headteacher: Pauline Douglas 

Redcar and Cleveland Virtual School contact details: