Discharge planning conditions

Information about how to make a request for discharging planning conditions when a planning permission is granted subject to them

There may be a number of conditions attached to your planning permission. Please note carefully those details which require our approval before your development commences. It is important that these conditions are fully complied with, as failure to do so may lead to the invalidation of your planning permission and the approval of a further planning application would then be necessary for you to proceed with the development.   

Where planning permission is granted subject to conditions, it is the responsibility of the applicant, or any subsequent developer, to ensure that the terms of all conditions are met in full at the appropriate time. 

For each request to discharge one or more conditions on a planning application relating to an extension or alteration to a dwelling-house, or other development within the curtilage of a d​welling-house (i.e householder planning application), the fee paya​ble is £34.00. For all other planning applications, the fee payable will be £116.00 per request.

Any number of conditions relating to the same planning application can be discharged at one time and therefore will only incur the one applicable fee. If conditions are discharged individually, a fee will be payable for each request made.

When you are aware of the date your works will commence, please complete the commencement of development form below, which should then be sent to the compliance officer either by email to planning_admin@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk or alternatively by post to the address stated on the form. [doc to add]

Requests to discharge conditions can be made via the​ Planning Portal in the same way that a planning application is made.​

Alternatively the request can be made in writing, or on the appropriate 1 APP form, and sent with supporting plans/information to the Development Management, Regeneration Directorate, Redcar and Cleveland House, Kirkleatham Street, Redcar, Yorkshire TS10 1RT. You find more information by visiting the Planning forms and validation checklists page.

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