Making an application

Information about how to apply for a planning permission and what fees apply for this.

How to apply

Residents can make use of the UK Government Planning Portal to apply for planning permission, learn about planning and building regulations, appeal against a decision and research government policy.

You can also use the planning portal to make an online planning application.

You may also need to apply for building regulations approval. Go to the Building Control section​ to find out more.


The current planning fees are shown in the table below.

This is a summary of the fees. For further details contact the development management team on (01287) 612628 / 612471 / 612344 / 612627.

Payment can now be made via our 'Pay for it' online facility using a debit or credit card. Please ensure that you have your planning application reference number when you make your payment. If you do not know the application number, please contact the of​fice (on one of the above telephone numbers) in the first instance. If the relevant reference number is not provided whe​n making your payment, this could delay processing your application.

For guidance on calculating your fee, use the fee calculator on Planning Portal useful for standard fee calculations.

The 2012 fee regulations are available on the Communities and Local Government website.

Fees for planning permissions applications


Outline applications​
  • £462 per 0.1 hectare for sites up to 2.5 hectares
  • £11,432 and additional £130 per 0.1 hectare for sites over 2.5 hectares (max £150,000)
Erection of dwelling/houses

£462 per dwelling for the first 50 dwellings
plus £138 for each additional dwelling in excess of 50 (max £300,000)

Non-residential building works
  • not more than 40 sq metres £234
  • between 40 - 75 sq metres £462
  • between 75 - 3750 sq metres £462 for each 75 sq m or part thereof
  • more than 3750 sq m £22,859 and an additional £138 for each 75 sq m (max £300,000)
Alterations/extensions to dwelling/houses £206
Installation of plant and machinery
  • £462 per 0.1 hectare for sites up to 5 Hectares
  • £22,859 and an additional £138 per 0.1 hectares for sites over 5 hectares (max £300,000)
Accesses, car parks etc


Change of use applications
Conversion of building into one or more separate dwellings/flats £462 for each additional dwelling/house
Agricultural buildings
  • less than 465 sq metres: £96
  • 465 - 540 sq metres: £462
  • 540 - 4215 sq metres: £462 for the 540 sq m and £462 for each additional 75 sq m
  • more than 4215 sq m £22,859 and an additional £138 for each 75 sq m (max £300,00)​ 
Application for a non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission
  • applications in respect of householder developments £34
  • applications in respect of other developments £234.

Local validation checklist

Anyone submitting a planning application will need to check the local validation checklist in addition to the existing national checklist, to ensure that all supporting documentation is submitted with their application. Applications that do not have all the required information may be considered invalid.

In accordance with the national planning policy framework, we have reviewed the local validation checklist. Based on current legislation a number of changes have been recommended and the revised list was re-adopted on 18 June 2015.

The local validation checklist informs applicants/agents of the requirements ​for planning applications submitted within the area covered by the local planning authority. 

In accordance with the provisions of S6 of the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 and government reforms to streamline the planning system, the information required to support an application should be reasonable, relevant to the development proposed, and deal  a material planning consideration to determine the application. 

If you would like to discuss the information or evidence required for your application, our planning officers will be happy to give you further guidance.

A copy of the local list can be obtained below:

1APP form

1APP is primarily designed as an electronic form and​ is available online via the Pla​nning Portal. These forms are also available to be downloaded from our website in paper form. In addition, for those people without access to the internet, the forms can be obtained directly from us.

Further information regarding 1APP can be obtained from

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