The art of the dress impresses. 100 years of fashion exhibition a big hit

A major fashion exhibition is proving a big hit at Kirkleatham Museum.

People from across the region have attended the free exhibition, titled 100 Years of Fashion, which celebrates dresses and fashion from the structured styles of 1900 to the casual 1990s.


Woman admiring an exhibit featuring an antique sewing kit inside a museum.

Presented by the History Wardrobe Collection, the exhibition opened in March and has been a big hit and will run until 22 September.

Joanne Hodgson, Museum Manager, said: 

“We’ve had a lot of compliments about this one. It’s not just about enjoying the amazing dresses and fashions for their own sake – although it very much is that – but it tells us a lot about how we’ve changed as a society through the decades.”

Entry is free. The museum is closed on Mondays. Find out more here Enjoy (