The beach is back, bigger and better! Famous beach party and music event to return next year

Hugely popular dance and rock events on Redcar beach are to return next summer, it has been confirmed.

The beach party dance nights regularly attracted more than 10,000 people to Redcar before Covid, leading to hotels, B&Bs being booked out and a major boost to other businesses across the borough.

A licence application for the party – and also a major concert - to return to the beach near Majuba Road in Redcar on Friday and Saturday July 5 and 6 next year has been approved by the Council.

Organisers Neil Winterbottom and Jordan Jefferson explained that the two musical events would be very different with a major musical live act likely to attract music from across the UK for ‘On The Beach Live’ on the Friday night. The following night’s event titled ModeFest, is expected to feature a major dance music line up of current DJs from around the world.

Jordan explained The Beach summer events had started in 2013 and had become a major success until the pandemic led to a pause. The pair have since focused on events elsewhere - but they and councillors have been inundated with calls to bring it back. He said:

“Everyone at the Council has been so positive about it and we developed a really positive relationship with the wider community over the years. For example, I remember getting an earful in the first year from an elderly lady who would be up early walking her dog as we started to set up. In the following years we became friends - her grandchildren would come to the show and really enjoy it -  and she would ask about my family and I’d ask about hers. That was typical. We’re from this area and it’s really important to us to support our area and work with our community as well as just making sure everyone has a great time.”

Neil said:

“This attracts people from Aberdeen to Plymouth and it is so nice to be welcomed back to this wonderful venue. The beach and seafront is so beautiful and, if we get the weather, I’d say it’s as good a venue for a beach party as anywhere in the world. We’re business people, of course, but we’re also two, proud local lads who want our area to well.”

Cllr Carrie Richardson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Climate and Culture, said:

“This is great news. People from right across the country will come to this event and will see just how stunning our beach and seafront is and, we hope, come back again. It will be also be a major boost for many of our businesses as well as just being good fun for everyone who attends.”

Cllr Alec Brown, Council Leader, said:

“We have stunningly beautiful beaches, seafronts and countryside as well as first class accommodation and infrastructure - so it makes absolutely sense that excellent events like this, with a national appeal, should come here. Our tourism industry is very important for our economy and has great potential, so this is really fantastic news. I’m sure it’s going to be brilliant fun for thousands of music lovers from the borough and also our very welcome visitors next summer.”

Find out more here on the event organiser’s website here