Clean up Sweepy Jean! - New names for council street sweepers unveiled

YOUNG people from across Redcar and Cleveland have dusted off their thinking caps in a competition to name seven of the council’s new street sweepers.

Meet Obi-Wan Cleanobi, the Trusty Dusty, Orlando Broom, Clean up Clarence, Sweepasaurus Rex, Sweepy Jean and Clean Cleo – the new names for Redcar and Cleveland Council’s magnificent seven new street sweepers.

The winning names will now be displayed on the side of the new sweepers so residents can look out for them on their grime busting missions around the borough.

Each of the wining entrants also received a £20 book voucher for their successful submission, kindly donated by the street sweeper supplier, Hako.

Inara Kell, aged 6 years old from Saltburn, who came up with one of the winning names, ‘The Trusty Dusty’, said:

"I chose ‘The Trusty Dusty’ because it sounds funny - it makes me think of something that cleans and dusts and is trusty to use.  I'll be very excited to see it on the streets because naming it almost makes me feel like I'm the one driving it.

“I'm also very happy to have won the book vouchers because I love reading. I'd like to buy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or another Roald Dahl book."

Inara Kell from Saltburn with the sweeper she named.

Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Housing, Cllr Barry Hunt, explained:

“I would like to thank all the young people who got involved and suggested a name for our street sweepers – there were some brilliant entries, and it was a difficult decision to choose the winners.

“The competition was designed to be a bit of fun for young people in the area but also to help raise awareness of littering and encourage residents to take pride in their local neighbourhoods.

“Hopefully when residents see The Trusty Dusty, Clean-up Clarence and the other street sweepers working hard to keep the area clean and tidy it will bring a smile to their face and also inspire them to do their bit to make Redcar and Cleveland an even cleaner and greener borough.”

 Sisters Abi Prunty, aged 9, and Sophie Prunty, aged 7, who thought of the name, ’Clean up Clarence’, added:

Sisters Sophie Prunty (left) and Abi Prunty with their street sweeper.

“We loved trying to think up names for the street sweepers, it was good fun, and it was really exciting to find out we had won!

“We can't wait to try to spot the sweeper out and about with our winning name on it.

“We hope it really makes a difference to litter around the area, especially in Redcar near the beach. We hate to see litter that might blow into the sea and end up killing animals. We always pick up rubbish on the beach - it's so easy to do and then if everybody did it would make a big difference.”

Last year the council purchased seven new street sweepers which play an important role in keeping the borough clean and green. Three of the sweepers run on climate-friendly hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel which produces 92% less CO2 emissions than diesel and contributed to the council winning an Alternative Fuel Vehicle Champion Award at the recent national Green Fleet Awards.