Community Orchard planted in Brotton for the residents to enjoy

A COMMUNITY Orchard has been planted this week in the Badger Hill area of Brotton as part of a community project led by the Brotton Ward Members to create a woodland walk in the centre of the village.

After 18 months of planning, 45 fruit trees were planted on the day, including pears, plums and apples. Further work is planned in order to introduce wildflowers and seasonal bulbs to the orchard, adding to the biodiversity value of the site.

Residents have been consulted to ensure that the project is supported and agreed with the local community and adjacent residents.

Involved in this community project led by the Ward Councillors were the Countryside Service Team, the Brotton Improvement Group Volunteers and the Community Development team.

The Council is also currently delivering a large-scale Tree Planting Programme covering the entire borough, aiming to plant between 5,000 and 10,000 trees this financial year.

Ward Member of Brotton and Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Housing, Cllr Barry Hunt said: “I hope this community orchard will become a place which the residents of Brotton will be able to fully enjoy. I would like to give my thanks to Kevin Wilson, Joe Mead, the Volunteers from the Brotton Improvement Group, the Countryside Rangers and the Community Development Officers for all the efforts they put into supporting us to complete this community project."

Ward Member of Brotton, Cllr Graham Cutler said: “It is great to see our project taking shape after a year and a half of planning. We are keen to offer our residents a green space which will brighten up the area and hopefully attract more visitors and provide them with a place where they can enjoy nature and relax."

Ward Member of Brotton, Cllr Martin Fletcher added: "This community orchard, which will soon be enriched with seasonal flowers, will have a beneficial impact not only for the aspect of the village, but most important to its residents' wellbeing. It will be a place where they will be able to walk their dogs, exercise, meet friends and spend their free time." ​