Scrap metal dealers

Any person running a business of buying or selling scrap metal or as a motor salvage operator is required to apply for a scrap metal dealer licence.

You need a licence to carry on a business of buying or selling scrap metal or carry on a business as a motor salvage operator.

​Apply for a scrap metal licence

Complete the application form and return it to the Licensing Team by post or email with the following:

  • Application fee
  • Tax check code (if you are renewing your licence)
  • A basic DBS check for every applicant and site manager

Apply for a scrap metal licence online​

Tax checks

Licensing authorities must carry out certain checks on scrap metal dealers to make sure they are aware of their tax responsibilities or have completed a tax check.

You’ll need to complete a tax check with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) every time you renew your licence to confirm that you’re registered for tax where necessary. After you complete the tax check you’ll be given a code to provide to the licensing authority. We will not be able to process your renewal application without it.

Further details will be provided in your next renewal reminder but you can find more information on the GOV.UK website about tax compliance.

​DBS check

All applicants are required to produce a Basic DBS disclosure which should be issued no earlier than one calendar month prior to submitting an application.

In the case of a company or partnership, a basic disclosure must be provided by any director, secretary, partner or shadow secretary of that company.

You can request a Basic DBS check on the GOV.UK website​.

Fe​es and charges

The fees and charges related to the licensing of scrap metal dealers can be found below.

  • Site Licence (Grant) - £425 (if more than one site is specified, +£215 per site).
  • Site Licence (Renewal) - £330 (if more than one site is specified, +£215 per site)
  • Collector Licence (Grant & Renewal) - £180
  • Variation of a Licence - £60 (£72 per year for each site varied or added to the licence)
  • Variation to change personal details - £19

Any variation that adds one or more sites to a licence (including a variation from a collector to a site licence) will incur an additional cost of £72 per site for each year remaining on the licence. A variation to change a site, without adding additional sites, will incur a one-off cost of £72 for each site changed.


Licensing registers are available to view, by prior arrangement, at the Council Offices. For further information, please visit the Licensing Public Register page.