Legal requirements

Information about the legal requirements relating to public weighbridge operation can be found here.

Weights and Measures Act 1985

Section 18

Operators of public weighing equipment must hold a certificate of competence from a chief inspector of weights and measures.

Section 20

  1. Must carry out a weighing on demand unless they have reasonable cause not to do so.
  2. Must carry out the weighing fairly.
  3. Must give to the person requiring the weighing a written statement of the weight found.
  4. Must make a record detailing:
    1. time
    2. date
    3. particulars to identify the vehicle
    4. the load on the vehicle.
  5. Must not make a false record or give a false statement.
  6. Must not commit any fraud.
  7. Persons bringing an item to be weighed must, if requested, give his name and address to the operator.
  8. Records of weighings must be retained for two years.
  9. Record must not be destroyed or defaced within two years.

Regulations made under the above Act prohibit the double weighing of vehicles for trade purposes (such as axle weighing).