Pavement licences

A pavement licence allow licence holders to place removable furniture over certain highways adjacent to the premises in relation to which the application was made.

You will need a pavement licence to place removable furniture on a highways adjacent to your premises.

There are two types of licence:

  • You can apply for a free Pavement Licence which will expire in September 2022, or
  • You can apply for Pavement Cafe licence which can be renewed every year.

​​​Temporary measures

​Following the introduction of pavement licences in 2020, the Council has previously created temporary outdoor spaces to support food and drink businesses when social distancing measures made it difficult to trade profitably.

This was an emergency response and the evaluation work has shown that this support was critical in supporting businesses through the period of restrictions and uncertainty.

Now that there are no longer any distancing restrictions, the Council is moving away from these emergency measures to focus on a more sustainable scheme.

As part of this new scheme, we may assist businesses on a case by case basis to identify appropriate space and make it suitable for pavement cafes with a focus on food.

Informal requests can be made to the Council and will be considered individually having regard to the local impacts, benefits and other considerations such as traffic management and public parking provision.

We may also provide support through the installation of wooden planters to help define and safeguard the outdoor space.

What you need to do:

  • If you have identified an area that can comply with the Council’s pavement licence conditions, you can apply for a pavement licence now.
  • Where you do not have suitable space for pavement activities but have identified an area that requires the use of Council-facilities (such as parking spaces), please provide a plan of the area that you wish to use as well as other relevant details such the number of tables and chairs. This proposal should be emailed to 

The above provisions do affect your statutory right to apply for a pavement licence at any time.

However, once an application has been made, it will be processed strictly in accordance with legislation and cannot be altered during the process.

Apply for a pavement licence

There is no fee for a temporary pavement licence but it will expire on 30 September 2022 and cannot be renewed.

Pavement Licence applications must be made electronically by email to the licensing team.

On receipt of your application, there will be a 7 day consultation period in which interested parties can make objections.

Following the consultation period, the Council has a further 7 days to determine your application.​

Please contact the licensing team by email to request the pavement licence application form.

Applications forms must be accompanied by:

  • The relevant fee
  • A plan of the proposed location
  • Evidence of public liability insurance (£5 million)​

Unless specifically stated, pavement licence are subject to conditions. Full details of these can be found in the document available below:


Apply for a pavement cafe 

​​An application for the grant of a pavement cafe licence costs £200.

Licences are granted for one year and can be renewed for £100.

Applications forms must be accompanied by:

  • ​The relevant fee
  • A plan of the proposed location
  • Evidence of public liability insurance (£5 million)​

The two application links below will allow you to apply for a new pavement licence or amend a current pavement licence:

​Pavement cafe policy

The pavement cafe policy outlines various elements related to pavement cafes and licences. Full details can be found in the document available below: