Current licensing applications

The list of current licence applications and public notices is available here.

Current licensing applications

Public notices

The following licence applications are available for the public to view before a decision is made. 

Licensing Act 2003 - applications

Mystic Bites

Signals Saltburn

The Clock Tower

Tees Pizzeria Ltd

The Lillian Daph Store

Euro Garages Limited

Motor Fuel Ltd

Wheatland Farm

Amare Patisserie

Finn's Bakery and Catering LTD

LGM Pub Management Ltd

Guisborough Brewery Ltd

Nero Entertainment Limited

Micklow Brewing Company Limited

Pauly W Limited

Ibos Bunker

The Jar House

The Brown Box

The Shed

5 West Dyke Road

Vino Convenience Store

The Cove

The Cafe at Kirkleatham

42 Layland Road

Ship Inn, Saltburn

Pavement licence applications