Working for us

As a Council we put our residents at the heart of what we do, we have lots to celebrate.

Why work for us?

Working for Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council means you are contributing to the life of local people in a geographically diverse borough covering nearly 25,000 hectares making it the Redcar & Cleveland the largest borough within the Tees Valley.

Anyone living in Redcar and Cleveland knows it has a wealth of natural beauty from coastline to countryside and an affordable quality of life which is the envy of the rest of the country.

Our employees cover a diverse mixture of roles such as legal, finance, planning, social work and engineering, we provide a wide range of services, and there will be a job role within our council that could fit in with your ambitions and lifestyle.

What we look for?

We would love to meet individuals who have a desire to help all of our residents to live happier, healthier, and more independent lives in communities that thrive.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe everyone is equal; we celebrate individuality and actively promote a diverse and inclusive workplace, which we also apply to work in our borough’s communities.

Find out more about our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion on the following page:

Equality and diversity information

Our staff Network

At Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council we are committed to creating inclusive workplace for all of our employees and service users, that values the diversity of Redcar & Cleveland and its residents.

We encourage our council employees to join the staff networks, and partake in Network activities, in acknowledgement of the value the Networks can bring, not only to staff wellbeing, but to furthering our progress to becoming a truly inclusive workplace.

Staff wellbeing and sense of inclusion is essential for our success as a council, and staff networks are a fundamental part in ensuring staff, particularly those who are from communities that are underrepresented and/or tend to face increased barriers within the workplace, feel safe and supported to share their experiences, and empowered to create change.

Each group is sponsored by a member of senior management

Current staff networks include:

Our Staff Networks

Disability and Long-Term Health Conditions

Hi I am Steph Myers and I am the chair of the Disability and Long Term Health Condition Staff Network. 

I became involved in the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network last year and when the idea of creating individual staff networks came up, I volunteered to assist in setting up this network. 

My experience of issues faced by those with disabilities and Long-Term Health Conditions comes from my volunteering with young adults with a range of physical and learning difficulties, through my personal life as my husband was born without arms and also through my various job roles within the Council. 

I am passionate about making sure that those with disabilities and long-term health conditions can thrive in the workplace and gain the support they need. Not all disabilities are visible, staff recovering from illness often may look well but are still dealing with long term effects of their condition. 

We aim to raise awareness of disabilities in the workplace and challenge perceptions and stereotypes through the promotion of training, awareness and manager support. 

The network meetings are a safe space where members can discuss and raise matters in a confidential environment.  The group will contribute views on policy, procedures and working practices within the council.


The LGBTQIA+ Staff Network was established in Summer 2023 and is chaired by Sammy Jackson and Adam Harland. 


Following its establishment, the group quickly built membership, with staff from a range of departments getting involved, including those who identify as LGBTQIA+ and those who are allies.  


An early success for the group was holding a ‘Rainbows for Pride’ event in June 2023, where staff were encouraged to wear rainbow colours for work – this helped us to raise funds for local LGBTQIA+ support charity Hart Gables. The group has and will continue to play an active role in reviewing new and existing policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive of those who identify as LGBTQIA+.


The group is welcoming of anyone, who identifies as LGBTQIA+ or not, and who may wish to join and support with promoting inclusivity and education across the organisation. We meet on a quarterly basis, with the option to join in person or via teams. As a member of the group, you will be allowed allocated time to partake in the meetings and also to support with network activities. 


The full remit of the group is set out below: 

  • Raising awareness, promoting inclusivity and education within the organisation through communications and training
  • Working in partnership with colleagues, residents, and external partners to share best practice, build strong links and promote inclusivity.
  • Review policies and procedures to ensure these are inclusive.
  • Promote confidentiality and a safe inclusive space to share experiences, knowledge, and ideas.

Racial Equality

The Value in Racial Equality Network is a space for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority employees working across the council to connect and network, sharing their personal and professional experiences. 

It also provides a safe space of support for members who may be experiencing difficulties at work, with a focus on improving and promoting positive change and the increased recruitment, retention and advancement of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority employees.

Parents and Carers

The Parents and Carers Network was established to raise awareness of the needs of working parents and carers. 

The Network is for staff who are parents (in any context) to children of any age and for those who are balancing work with caring for an ill, elderly, or disabled family member, friend, or partner. 

The Network gives parents and carers the opportunity to share experiences, tips and to offer support. 

The Network also provides an informal setting to socialise and to discuss the various challenges that are presented as a parent or a carer; talking to others who are in the same situation is often the most powerful form of support. 

Menopause and Women’s

Angela and Amanda are co-chairs of Redcar and Cleveland’s Women’s network group, we have a menopause policy and have an established women’s network group that consists of 35-40 members. 

Historically Menopause was a “taboo topic”- one not spoken about, however there is so much more in the media around menopause including many celebrities discussing this topic that it is now more freely spoken about. 

Redcar and Cleveland have developed a women’s network group, creating a safe space for women to come together to discuss all health issues including menopause. 

We have an open-door policy and would welcome anyone to the group. We invite guest speakers in to support issues raised as well as sharing what’s working well and what isn’t. 

We hope having this group will support open discussions and allow people to speak freely about their experiences to allow us all to support each other. 

We recognise that menopause affects 51% of the population, it doesn’t however just affect women it affects children, partners, parents etc …. Everyone needs an awareness, and we have information to share that will support all!

For further information about the Women’s Network please contact: or