Equality and diversity information

Find information about our equality policy, gender pay gap and objectives.

Our equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy was amended in April 2023, as agreed by the Council’s Cabinet. The Policy sets out the key principles that guide the way in which the Council makes decisions, provides services; recruits and supports our employees; works with other organisations; and involves local people.

The key changes in the new policy are:

  • The document reflects the current Corporate Plan, inclusive of the current vision values and corporate priorities.
  • The language and terminology has been updated to reflect a very different environment in which we now operate. For example, reference to former partnerships or other forms of governance which no longer exist have been updated.
  • Within the policy we have also included the range of additional factors which the organisation considers when taking decisions and are duly included within the impact assessment policy.

The policy also includes actions, which have been developed alongside the staff equality group, which will help to further improve the arrangements that the organisation has in place with respect to equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Equality is the responsibility of every Councillor and every employee of the Council, as well as organisations who provide services on behalf of the Council. In particular Cabinet has a key role to play, as the key decision-makers in implementing the corporate plan and medium-term financial plan. Specifically, one of the Cabinet Members has been identified as the lead Member for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion across all portfolios.

A copy of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy can be found below:

Gender pay gap

Public sector organisations employing 250 people or more must publish information about their gender pay gap. To access this information reported in March 2021, go to Gender pay gap for Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council - GOV.UK - GOV.UK (gender-pay-gap.service.gov.uk) or download it below:

Equality information about our workforce 

The latest information can be found below:

The information is used to check if our workforce is representative of the population of the borough, which helps us provide better service delivery, and to ensure that we are not discriminating against groups of staff.​

This information has been expanded from that provided in previous years after a review arising from the Council’s new Equality Objectives.