Council Tax bands

All properties have a Council Tax band (A to H), the band your property is in decides how much Council Tax is due on that property.

The Valuation Office Agency has put each property in to a band. The bands are based on how much the property would have sold for on 1 April 1991 and is not affected by changes in house prices, or how much the property is worth today.

You can check your Council Tax band on the website.

To see our latest charges, please see our Council Tax amounts page.

The current Council Tax bandings are:​

Property valuation as of 1 April 1991 and corresponding Council Tax band
Valuation Band Property valuation on 1 April 1991 Proportion of Band D
A Up to and including £40,000​​ 6/9ths​
B £40,001 to ​£52,000 7/9ths
C £52,001 to £68,000 8/9ths
D £68,001 to £88,000 9/9ths
E £88,001 to £120,000 11/9ths
F £120,001 to £ 160,000 13/9ths
G £160,001 to £320,000​
H More than £320,000 18/9ths​

Appeal against your Council Tax band

You can check your band and those of neighbouring properties on the Valuation Office Agency website. If you feel your band is wrong, you can talk to the Valuation Office and it costs nothing.

Call your local office on 03000 501501

If you decide to appeal against your council tax band, you must continue to pay your bill. If you are having problems with payment, contact the council to discuss payment options.