Current consultations

We want to hear from you about what we are doing in Redcar and Cleveland. Information about the consultations currently taking place is available below.

Vehicle nuisance

We want to hear your views on our proposal to renew the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) against anti-social vehicle use for another three years, and to introduce some changes to increase its effectiveness.

Currently, drivers who cause a nuisance such as racing or showing off on a public highway, performing dangerous stunts and speeding, can be fined £100 if they carry out this anti-social behaviour at Majuba Road and the Majuba car parks in Redcar.

Anyone who joins a crowd to watch and encourage these drivers may also be fined for doing so, or if they also commit anti-social behaviour offences whilst at these “car cruises”.

The existing Vehicle Nuisance PSPO will end on 31 December 2022 unless the council exercises powers, available under the public spaces protection provisions of the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing (2014) Act, to renew it for a further three years.

Having evaluated the effectiveness of the current Order, the council wants to extend the scope of the area included by banning vehicle nuisance related  behaviour – including motorbike and quad bike nuisance – on any public highway, public car park or any publicly accessible land within the whole of Redcar and Cleveland.

The council also wants to add new provisions to the PSPO rules by prohibiting any vehicle driving on Saltburn’s lower promenade, or onto the beaches via the slipways located between The Ship Inn and Hazelgrove.

The council also proposes to require cyclists to dismount when on the lower promenade. The council wants to introduce these two changes to protect the health and safety of the many visitors, including children, who visit Saltburn every year.

You can view the current Vehicle Nuisance PSPO here: RCBC (Majuba vehicle nuisance) public space order 2021. (

Click onto the location maps below to view the restricted areas where the council proposes the renewed Vehicle Nuisance PSPO should apply:

More detailed background information is available to view below:

You can give your views by completing the on-line questionnaire here

Alternatively, you can collect and return paper copies of the survey questionnaire at libraries throughout the borough. You can find the locations of our libraries by visiting our libraries map here.  

The last date for responses is Thursday 15 December 2022.

Redcar Town Deal

Have your say on multi-million pound plans for Redcar.

Redcar was granted £25 million from Government to help transform the town.

The latest set of proposals include a new family activity centre and cultural hub, improvements to Station Road, the creation of a new events space, and improvements to the high street and esplanade. 

The Redcar Town Board, made up of representatives from across the public and private sector, would like residents and business owners to have their say.

Click the link below to find out more: