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We want to hear from you about what we are doing in Redcar and Cleveland. Information about the consultations currently taking place is available below.

Redcar Town Deal

Have your say on multi-million pound plans for Redcar.

Redcar was granted £25 million from Government to help transform the town.

The latest set of proposals include a new family activity centre and cultural hub, improvements to Station Road, the creation of a new events space, and improvements to the high street and esplanade. 

The Redcar Town Board, made up of representatives from across the public and private sector, would like residents and business owners to have their say.

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Consultation on proposed prohibition on dogs entering the Coatham seafront play area, Majuba Road, Redcar

The council is asking anyone who lives, works, does business, or visits the borough for their views on its proposal to prohibit dogs from entering the Coatham seafront play area, Majuba Road, Redcar.

The Dogs public spaces protection order | Redcar and Cleveland ( includes a provision making it an offence for  dog walkers to permit their dogs to enter any of the 64 fenced-off children's play areas across the borough.

The council now needs to resolve an unintended anomaly whereby the order’s “Schedule one : play areas” dog exclusion provision does not apply to the recently opened nautical-themed play area on Coatham seafront.

The council’s proposal would mean the council’s community enforcement team will be able to take enforcement action, including by issuing £100 on-the-spot fines, to dog walkers who permit their dog to enter this play area.

Varying the Redcar & Cleveland public spaces protection order 2016 to prohibit dogs entering “Coatham seafront play area”  will reduce or prevent dog fouling and dog control issues at this location.

Prohibiting dogs from entering this play area will reduce the risk children using the play area will be exposed to toxocariasis, an infection of the roundworm toxocara canis, potentially leading to the visceral syndrome, characterised by severe illness. There will also be a reduced risk of slips, trips and falls, and subsequent injuries to play area users and supervising adults as a result of their treading in dog faeces. The risk of dog attacks will also be reduced.

Resolving this matter will further strengthen a robust approach to enforcement as part of a fully rounded dog-fouling strategy, which removes excuses for dog walkers entering this play area and considerably increases the risks for dog walkers who continue to offend.

You can give your views by completing the on-line questionnaire here  

The last date for responses is Tuesday 8 January 2024.

Alternatively, you can collect and return paper copies of the survey questionnaire at the following libraries:

Library and community hubs

  • Redcar

Community libraries

  • Dormanstown
  • Laburnum Road
  • Roseberry