Guisborough Youth Centre

Tel: 01287 634332 Email: 

The DofE Centre of Excellence, Laurence Jackson School, Church Lane, Guisborough, TS14 6RD.

Various session times, please contact Elaine Buckby by telephone at  01287 634332 or email for further information.


An image with Grangetown Youth and Community Centre where the Duke of Edinburgh sessions take place


Main room

Main room of the centre. A picture taken from a balcony with several round blue tables surrounded by  yellow and red chairs placed across a large room, three computers placed at the far left corner, two couches in the foreground, posters and inspiring quotes on the walls.


Back yard


The yard is surrounded by a green fence. Inside the yard, in the foreground, there are three wooden picnic benches on a cement platform, in the background, on a grass covered area there are wooden monkey hanging bars, and two tall tress surrounded by benches
Contact name
Elaine Buckby
Contact phone

Laurence Jackson School
Church Lane
TS14 6RD
United Kingdom