Warm Spaces

Information about where to find warm spaces and what they are offering is available here.

We understand that many residents may be struggling with the additional cost of heating their homes and keeping warm. We’ve created a map to show where you can access Warm Spaces in the borough, when these are available and what is on offer.

Whilst most spaces are open for all to access, please note:

  • Some spaces are suitable for families and their children only.
  • Spaces may not suitable for use by businesses, unless this is part of a pre-organised event or activity organised in agreement with the space owner/manager (please contact the space to check as this may vary).

Please view the map/list below to find out more information about what is on offer in each of the spaces.

Please note that Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council is not responsible for warm spaces hosted within privately owned venues and/or the health and safety of these sites. 

25K Youth and Community Centre

Suitable for families and children only.

25K Youth & Community Centre Ayton Drive Redcar TS10 4LR United Kingdom
  • Friday (except school holidays) - 10am until 2pm
  • Available space - communal area

Birkdale Drive Community Centre

Everybody is welcome.

Birkdale Drive Community Centre Birkdale Drive Eston TS6 9EB United Kingdom
  • Monday: 10am - 12pm
  • Tuesday: 10am - 12pm
  • Wednesday: 10am - 12pm
  • Thursday: 10am - 12pm

Boosbeck Village Hall

Warm space every Tuesday and every second Thursday.

Boosbeck Community Centre Oldham Street Boosbeck TS12 3AL United Kingdom

Brickyard Bakery

Sit for a couple of hours, make a cuppa, read a book. Jigsaws are available for use.  
Brickyard Bakery Westgate Guisborough TS14 6BA United Kingdom
  • Monday - 10am until 5pm
  • Tuesday - 10am until 5pm
  • Wednesday - 10am until 5pm
  • Thursday - 10am until 5pm
  • Friday - 10am until 5pm

Brotton Library

Free hot drink (tea, coffee), reading, PC usage, board games, cards etc.

Freeborough Academy Linden Road Brotton TS12 2SJ United Kingdom
  • Tuesday - 9:30am until 5pm (closed between 12:15pm - 12:45pm)
  • Thursday - 9:30am until 5pm (closed between 12:15pm - 12:45pm)

Brotton Methodist Church

Brotton Methodist Church Warm Space runs every Tuesday from 1.00 till 4.00pm until the end of March. Everyone is welcome to call in for a cuppa and a chat. They will be serving tea and coffee, general socialising, chatting, and giving everybody who comes through their door a warm welcome. 

18 High Street Brotton TS12 2QD United Kingdom

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Christ Church

Join us for our weekly coffee morning. Everyone welcome.

Christ Church High Street Eston TS6 9EH United Kingdom
  • Tuesday - 10am until 12pm

Community Stepping Stones CIC

Monday- Friday Café open for everyone (different activities each day free of charge)
Community Stepping Stones CIC 5 Farndale Square Dormanstown TS10 5HE United Kingdom
  • Monday - 10am until 3pm
  • Tuesday - 10am until 3pm
  • Wednesday - 10am until 3pm
  • Thursday - 10am until 3pm
  • Friday - 10am until 3pm

Corus Club

Warm space every second Thursday when the social is on: 12.30 onwards with free tea coffee 1-3pm.

33 South Avenue Dormanstown TS10 5LZ United Kingdom

Dormanstown Family Hub

Suitable for families and children only.

Age-appropriate toys and books for children aged 0-5 years old.

Support for non-mobile babies.

Available space: children's room

Dormanstown Family Hub South Avenue Redcar TS10 5LL United Kingdom
  • Monday - 9.30am until 11am
  • Wednesday - 9.30am until 11am

Dormanstown Library

Free hot drink (tea, coffee) reading, PC usage, board games, cards etc.

Farndale Square Redcar TS10 5HQ United Kingdom
  • Tuesday - 9:30am until 5pm (closed between 12:15pm - 12:45pm)
  • Friday - 9:30am until 5pm (closed between 12:15pm - 12:45pm)

Grangetown Family Hub

Facilities for non-mobile babies.

Grangetown Family Hub Grange Farm Road Grangetown TS6 7HP United Kingdom
  • Tuesday - 10am until 11.30am