Changing places toilets

Information about the changing places toilets (CPTs) available in the borough.

Where you can find Changing Place Toilets

The Changing Places Toilets available at: 

  • Fountain Street, Guisborough 
  • TunedIn! Redcar
  • Skinningrove Beach, Skinningrove
  • Cat Nab, Saltburn
  • Redcar Leisure Centre
  • Moore Street, Redcar

These have been provided to meet the needs of people who cannot use other public toilet provision.

Each venue is free to use, is fully compliant, and registered with the Changing Places Consortium.

To ensure the facilities are always available and remain free from vandalism, bespoke access control measures have been installed. Scheme members will be provided with an access fob.

Please note – you will still require a RADAR key. To join the membership scheme please complete the application form and take it to a location shown below during their opening hours:

  • The Palace Hub, Postcode TS10 3AE
  • Guisborough Library, 90 Westgate, Guisborough, TS14 6AP
  • Loftus Town Council, Loftus Town Hall, Loftus, TS13 4HG

You will need to provide two forms of ID, one with a photograph, plus the Blue Badge. You will not have to provide any medical information.

You or your carer will be required to sign a Terms of Condition of Use, available below, as well as a disclaimer to ensure you are familiar with, and competent to use, the equipment provided.

Please note slings are not provided - users must check the compatibility of their sling with the information provided in the facility before using the hoist.

For more information about Changing Places Toilets in the borough please email, for the Skinningrove facility, or visit