School crossing patrol

Find information about our school crossing patrol services.

School crossing patrols are established to assist children to cross the road on their way to or from school.

The patrol staff contribute to road safety, encouraging parents and children to walk to school instead of taking their car. This has sustainable travel, environmental and health benefits for our communities.

Parents remain responsible for ensuring their children are able to travel to school safely, whether or not we are able to provide safer routes or safer crossing facilities. The school crossing patrol service is a non-statutory function. 

This function is carried out at the discretion of the Highway Authority – Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council. 

School crossing patrol sites are provided at locations where children are at a higher risk from road traffic when walking to and from school.  This is not necessarily directly outside school, but could be anywhere on a route towards it.

Our School Crossing Patrol Policy, attached below, is based upon the national standard produced by Road Safety GB entitled ‘School Crossing Patrol Service Guidelines’: Revised on April 2018. 

The standards set out in these guidelines are nationally accepted as best practice and are considered appropriate by Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council as a framework when considering all issues relating to School Crossing Patrols.

If you would like any more information or have any concerns about school crossing patrol please contact Beverley Brown at 07799657184.