About exclusions

Information about exclusions and the exclusions process

The Inclusion Service carries out Redcar and Cleveland's duties regarding exclusion.

Contact details for the team are:

Inclusion Service

Belmont House

Rectory Lane,


TS14 7FD

You can contact the team by calling 01642 837721 or by emailing the team.

An exclusion is when a headteacher/principal decides to send your child home from school as a disciplinary measure.

There are two types of exclusions:

  • fixed term exclusions
  • permanent exclusions


More information about exclusions​ can be found in the two documents available to download below:​


The decision to exclude a pupil must be lawful, reasonable and fair. Schools have a legal duty under the Equality Act 2010/DDA not to discriminate against d​isabled children by excluding them from school because of behaviour which is related to their disability.

Schools must make reasonable adjustments to policies and practices so that a disabled child can participate in education at school and are not disadvantaged because of their disability.

For further support parents can contact Redcar and Cleveland's SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS).

This service provides independent support to parents, carers and young people around special education needs and disabilities (SEND). The service operates 'at arm's length' from the Local Authority and offers impartial and confidential advice and guidance

​The statutory guidance for the process of school exclusions

The Department for Education (DfE) produces the statutory guidance for exclusions.

Governing bodies, local authorities, headteachers/principals, academy trusts, special educational needs experts and independent review panels must all follow the statutory guidance.

The DfE published its current version: 'Exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England' in September 2017.  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/school-exclusion

A fixed term exclusion

This is when a headteacher/principal telephones you to say that you must keep your child at home for a fixed number of school days.

A permanent exclusion

This is the most serious sanction a headteacher/principal can give your child. It means that your child is no longer allowed to attend the school and their name will be removed from the school roll.

'Informal' or 'unofficial' exclusions are not allowed. Any exclusion of your child must follow the formal process including being formally recorded. Any fixed-period exclusion must have a stated end date.

A school cannot force you to remove your child permanently from their school.​