Elective home education

Information for those who have made the decision to home educate their children

Parents/carers are legally responsible for ensuring their child receives a suitable education.  Where parents have chosen to home educate, we too want the home educated child to have a positive experience.

We believe this is best achieved where parents and the local authority both recognise the parts they have to play and work together.  

The decision to home educate a child should not be taken lightly.  

These guidelines aim to clarify the balance between the right of the parent to educate their child at home and our responsibilities as a local authority to have oversight.

For information and advice on rights and responsibilities regarding elective home education please contact Paula Harland (Elective Home Education Officer) by email.


There are organisations supporting parents who educate at home and website details of a range of these are included below. These offer a variety of advice and support to parents educating at home.

We cannot recommend a particular organisation, it would be for the parents to ensure the organisation best suits the needs of the education provision. This list is not exhaustive, but is meant for guidance only:

Publications and materials

There are a wide range of companies supplying both publications and materials to parents who decide to electively home educate. We have included a small sample for guidance only: