Transport for the future

Information about the Tees Valley Strategic Transport Plan and how it is implemented in Redcar and Cleveland

The Local Implementation Plan “Transport for the Future” is part of the Tees Valley Strategic Transport Plan (STP) which applies until 2030. 

The STP has a transport vision “To provide a high quality, quick, affordable, reliable, low carbon and safe transport network for people and freight to move within, to and from Tees Valley”. 

The long-term aspiration of the STP is to provide a transport system for all the Tees Valley where:

  • There will be better transport links that will help create more jobs, improve access from existing houses and allow us to build the houses you need.
  • The affordability, quality and reliability of your daily commute will be improved, giving you confidence that you will get to where you need to be, when you need to be there
  • More reliable and affordable public transport, walking and cycling options will be available for you to:
    • get to work
    • get to study at a nearby school, college, or university
    • get to a hospital or a doctor’s appointment
    • go shopping, visit friends and family, or enjoy one of our local attractions.
  • National and international accessibility will be enhanced through the provision of additional air routes for both business and pleasure at Teesside International Airport, with local access for residents and visitors made easier by public transport
  • You will be able to rely on the latest technology to make travelling around as easy and as simple as possible
  • Businesses will be able to rely on quicker, more reliable transport connections and the workforce will be better connected to employment sites
  • Visitors to the area will find it easy to access, high quality transport options – be it for business, social or cultural reasons”.

The Local Implementation Plan should be read as being part of a family of documents relating to transport investment in the Borough, rather than being a complete narrative. 

Online copies of other STP documents can be found at .