Rough sleeping

We can provide advice, help, and support to anyone who is sleeping rough.

How do I seek support if I am sleeping rough?

We can provide advice, help and support to anyone who is sleeping rough.

Please contact the Housing Advice & Information Team on 01642 774774.

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council have a adopted a No Second Night Out (NSNO) policy in assisting rough sleepers.

This includes verification of reports of rough sleeping, investigations into the circumstances that led to rough sleep and trying to find a solution for each rough sleeper.

This work will include referral to other support and specialist services who may be required to break the cycle of rough sleeping.

Severe weather emergency protocol

In winter during prolonged periods of severe weather (three continuous nights, or more, of a temperature of zero degrees Celsius or lower, high wind and excessive rain) overnight emergency accommodation for rough sleepers will be offered under the severe weather emergency protocol. This is to prevent loss of life or significant harm to health.

When the protocol is activated, it means that the usual rules to determine access to house do not apply and services are available to everyone. This includes all those who may usually be excluded from services, such as being unable to claim most benefits and those with no local connection.

Once activated the protocol is reviewed daily until the forecast predicts two or more continuous nights where the temperature is at least one degree Celsius.

I am concerned about someone who is sleeping rough, who can I contact?

If you have seen someone sleeping rough or are concerned about someone who may be sleeping rough, please visit Streetlink to send an alert or contact the Housing Advice & Information Team.