Hospital discharge

Housing advice and information for those unable to return due to ill health

I am unable to return home due to my ill health, how do I get support?

If you are in hospital and will be unable to return home because of your iIl heath, it may be possible for you home to be adapted to help you stay there.

You would need a discharge assessment and you will be referred by the ward to a Social Worker as the Hospital have their own discharge policy.

I am due to be discharged from hospital, but do not have a home to return to, how do I get support?

If you have no place to return when you are discharged from hospital, the Housing Advice and Information Team can access your housing and support needs and work with you, and any professionals, to ensure accommodation is available for you when you are well enough to leave hospital.

It is important to make contact as soon as possible to allow time for assessments to be completed and accommodation to be identified.