Environmental Protection

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Smoke control areas and furnaces

It is an offence to emit smoke from a chimney unless you are burning an authorised fuel or using an exempt appliance.

Finding smoke control areas

Residents can find the smoke control areas in the borough on the Defra website

Authorised fuels and exempt appliances

If you live in a smoke control area you can either burn authorised fuels or untreated dry seasoned wood in an exempt appliance. Exempt appliances cover stoves, boilers and some cooking appliances, e.g. pizza ovens.

A full list of exempt appliances can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Defra have produced a number of information leaflets providing advice in relation to smoke control areas. More information about open fires and wood burning stoves is available on the Defra website​.

Defra have also produced a useful document with the rules for smoke control areas.

Visit the Defra website for more information and the rules relating to smoke control areas

Defra have also produced the following guide to buying, storage and seasoning wood available on the Defra website.

Outdoor ovens, burners and barbeques

You can use outdoor barbeques, chimneys, fireplaces or exempt pizza ovens in smoke control areas, but there are laws against the nuisance they can cause. Please see the smoke pollution page for more information.

Any of the above appliances that release smoke through the chimney of a building, e.g. a summerhouse or shed, can only burn authorised fuel or must be an exempt appliance.

Garden bonfires

You are allowed garden bonfires in smoke control areas but you should consider applying best practice guidance before having a bonfire. 

Installation of furnaces

Before installing a furnace or chimney, you must notify us as the furnace must be capable of operating continuously without emitting smoke when using the fuels for which it is designed.

You must complete and submit a chimney height application form.

A copy of the form is provided below or you can contact the Environmental Protection Team using the details at the bottom of the page.

The application must contain the required information, including a stack height calculation that takes into consideration any pollution caused by the furnace or boiler.

We will consider any application for approval and give a written decision within 28 days of receipt. If we have not contacted you within 14 days of submission please contact us.

Contact information

Telephone: (01642) 774774
Email: environmental.protection@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk 
Our service hours are Monday to Thursday 09:00 till 17:00, and Friday 09:00 till 16:30.