Environmental Protection

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Odour and dust pollution

Commercial extraction systems

Unpleasant smells from commercial kitchen extraction systems can arise as a result of poorly designed, installed and maintained systems. 

The Environmental Protection Team aims to control smells from food premises during the planning process by recommending the inclusion of conditions to control filtration and discharge at a suitable height.

Further advice regarding the installation of extraction systems can be obtained by contacting the Team at the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Land spreading

The application of fertiliser and land conditioners to agricultural land is a recognised farming practice. This process will produce unpleasant smells lasting only a short time. The Environmental Protection Team receives notifications from land conditioner suppliers detailing where and when spreading will occur.

Construction sites

Dust from construction sites may be restricted by conditions placed on granted planning permission and it would be worthwhile contacting the Planning Department to discuss this.(link/contact)


We can only investigate complaints of unpleasant smells arising from industrial, trade or business premises.  

The law does not allow for action to be taken against smells that arise from residential properties, such as cooking or cigarette smoke. 

How we investigate

When officers investigate smell and dust complaints, they must determine how unreasonable the complaint is to the average person.

We will require you to complete a diary detailing how and when you are affected by the smell or dust.

We will contact the person causing the situation to make them aware a complaint has been received and where possible, provide advice on control measures.

Officers can make visits to monitor the dust or smell being experienced.

If it is determined that a illegal nuisance exists, there are a number of legal powers available to resolve the problem, including an enforcement notice and legal charges.

Taking private action

You are able to take action if you are affected by the existence of a nuisance. This would be to the Magistrates’ Court, where an Order could be granted requiring the reduction of the nuisance and a fine may also be issued. 


We are always available to provide advice on smell and dust control measures for both residential and commercial premises. 

Contact information

Telephone: (01642) 774774
Email: environmental.protection@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk 
Our service hours are Monday to Thursday 09:00 till 17:00, and Friday 09:00 till 16:30.