Environmental Protection

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Noise pollution

Make a noise complaint

The law considers that a certain amount of general living noise is acceptable in day to day life, and that it is not unreasonable to hear your neighbours from time to time.  

In the first instance, it would be recommended to talk to your neighbour about any noise complaints you are experiencing. Often, your neighbour is not aware of the problem and can quickly resolve it.

If the problem continues, we have a duty to investigate complaints of noise to establish whether the noise is causing a statutory nuisance. 

The Police do not respond to noise complaints. Out-of-hours complaints should be reported to the Environmental Protection Team by calling 01642 774774 or by contacting the team by email. You can also report noise pollution online.

We can investigate: 

  • Dog barking    
  • Loud music from neighbours    
  • DIY noise    
  • Noisy cockerels    
  • Musical instruments    
  • Burglar and car alarms    
  • Noisy extraction systems    
  • Noise from licensed premises    
  • Commercial and industrial noise    

We can’t investigate:

  • Anonymous complaints
  • Ball games/ children playing
  • Road traffic noise*
  • Anti-social behaviour noise
  • Rail traffic noise*

*Issues with rail traffic noise should be reported directly to Network Rail via their website or by calling 03457 11 41 41.

Complaints about specific rail operators should be sent to the following sites:
Freightliner - https://www.freightliner.co.uk/contact/
Northern Railway - ht​tps://www.northernrailway.co.uk/make-a-complaint or by calling 0800 200 6060

How we investigate

When officers investigate noise complaints they must determine how unreasonable the noise is to the average person.

We will ask you to complete a noise diary to detail how and when you are affected by the noise.

We will contact the person causing the noise to make them aware that a complaint has been received and where possible, provide advice on noise control measures. 

Other measures to gather evidence can include officers monitoring the noise themselves and the use of noise recording equipment.

If it is determined that a statutory nuisance exists, there are a number of legal powers available to resolve the problem, including service of an enforcement notice and legal charges.

Taking private action

You can take action if you are affected by the existence of a nuisance.

This would be to the Magistrates’ Court, where an Order could be granted requiring the reduction of the nuisance and a fine may also be issued. 


The Environmental Protection Team is available to provide advice on noise control measures for both residential and commercial premises. 

Contact information

If you would like further information, please contact the Environmental Health Team by email or call (01642) 774774

Our service hours are Monday to Thursday, 9am until 5pm, and Friday, 9am until 4:30pm.