Redcar Town Deal

Redcar has secured £25 million of Government funding to deliver major change to the town centre

In 2021, we received the exciting news that the Government had agreed to award £25 million to Redcar as part of its Town Deal programme. 

See more about what major changes are taking place in Redcar below. 

Redcar Beach Base


Image of the Redcar Beach Base coastal hub

In spring, the Redcar Beach Base on Majuba Road will open. 

The venue will become a place to host a variety of sports activities, events and competitions, such as triathlons, attracting new visitors to Redcar. 

Local sports and community groups will also be able to use this facility, which will have toilets and showers. 

It will also become a place for friends and family to meet for a coffee and watch sporting activities. 


Leisure Attraction 


CGI image of what the leisure attraction in Redcar may look like.

The former Goodwins and Marks and Spencer buildings are currently being demolished. 

In their place an exciting new venue for family-friendly entertainment will be built. 

The facility will provide residents with things to do no matter the weather, making Redcar a year-round destination. 

There will also be a new library with digital technology and a storytelling offer for children. 

This major construction will take place throughout 2024/25.


High Street Improvements


CGI image of what the High Street may look like after development.

In summer, you will see improvements made to the high street and surrounding area with new planters and trees, improved lighting and more.


Town Centre Grant Scheme 

The Town Centre Grant Scheme will launch this year and support established businesses in making improvements to their existing commercial properties, while also assisting new businesses to set up within available town centre units. 

The scheme will also help create new accommodation with a focus on bringing areas above shops back into use for residential and commercial purposes. 


Image of the rediscover Redcar building.


Clean Energy Education Hub 


Image two people wearing blue overalls. Text behind them reads clean energy education hub.

The Clean Energy Education Hub opened last year. It is a training facility which delivers a range of courses for people aged 16-18, as well as providing a Higher Education offer. 

The facility is located at Redcar & Cleveland College and equips learners with the skills they need to advantage of the clean energy jobs coming to the area. The second cohort of students starts this year. 


Esplanade Improvements


Image of Redcar Esplande

Along with the High Street, Redcar’s Esplanade will also receive significant improvements including enhanced and accessible footpaths and revised parking provision. 


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