Redcar Town Deal

Redcar has secured £25 million of Government funding to deliver major change to the town centre

Redcar Town Deal is a £25M investment in development projects for Redcar.

The Government has agreed a Town Investment Plan put together by the Town Deal board, which includes six transformational projects for Redcar, which will deliver economic growth and long-term change.

The projects are:

  • Town centre transformation - We propose to enhance the High Street by improving the paving and appearance of public spaces. We aim to create an uncluttered environment and develop spaces for events and activities. As part of the design, we will be celebrating Redcar’s history and culture by introducing public artwork.  The northern seaward side of the Esplanade has previously been improved and we are now looking to enhance the southern section.  The Esplanade will be improved by resurfacing and widening pavements, separating pedestrians and vehicles further, improving road crossings, introducing seating, installing planting and potentially adding a bus stop. Dundas and Bath Street could accommodate parking bays relocated from the Esplanade.
  • Culture and Leisure  Anchor Attraction - The Culture and Leisure Anchor Attraction will enhance the Esplanade and High Street and will provide a space for people to meet, relax and have fun. This new family activity centre and relocated library/cultural hub is to be located all under one roof. This is intended to support Redcar into becoming a year-round destination, less dependent upon fine weather. The project will see the current Goodwins building and the former Marks and Spencer's building being demolished and the site redeveloped. The purpose-built facility will provide a modern, exciting and welcoming space for all, with access to digital technology, information services and learning opportunities. The building will be supported by a regular programme of events, creating an uplifting space that people can benefit from. This will attract people to use the town centre and support local businesses.
Artist impression of what the high street could look like from an eye level perspective.
  • Station Road development- We propose to improve Station Road as it connects The Regent to Redcar Station acting as a gateway to the town. Queen Street, which connects Station Road to the High Street, will also be enhanced.  Pavements and road crossings will be improved. We are also exploring widening pedestrian areas to the north of Station Road, close to The Regent, whilst also creating a nicer environment adjacent to properties and businesses. A one way system and additional parking bays are being considered. Street trees and areas of planting are proposed along the road.
  • Coatham Leisure Quarter - The Coastal Activity Hub will host a range of exciting activities, sports and events. Its facilities will enable water, beach, and land-based activities such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, walking, horse riding, running, cycling and yoga. Redcar will become a destination for coastal activities and outdoor recreation, promoting healthier lifestyles and wellbeing. The Hub will be located in a unique shipping container village that can be used as a meeting place and an informal base for sports clubs/organisations, community groups, school groups, activity leaders, families, or groups of friends. Facilities will include a range of indoor and outdoor multi-use spaces, toilets, showers, lockers, an equipment store, changing facilities and parking. An accompanying catering opportunity will enhance the experience for visitors. The external space adjacent to the container village will form a flexible event area that could be used for a range of outdoor activities, such as exercise classes, sports and demonstrations. It could also provide space for an event village, from which competitions could start and finish, including running festivals and triathlons. The Hub will be developed in a phased approach, allowing it to grow over time. The first phase will provide facilities which can be added to as its popularity grows. The future offer could also include equipment hire. The Coastal Activity Hub could in due course, be a base for larger events, with the adjacent hotel providing supporting accommodation. The project forms part of the wider seafront plans for Coatham.
An artist impression of what the Coastal Activity Hub could look like.
  • Improving connectivity with Teesworks
  • Clean Energy Education Hub

Over the coming months, there will be further opportunities for the people and businesses of Redcar to get involved prior to delivering the projects.

Please visit the Redcar Town Deal website for more information.