Loftus Future High Streets Fund

Over the next three years, residents will see exciting changes happening in the town

Funding of £9.35 million to revitalise Loftus High Street has been secured from the Council, the Tees Valley Combined Authority, and the Future High Streets Fund.

Currently in progress:

  • Handale Car Park – We are creating new parking capacity close to the High Street, including e-charge points.
  • The former Barclays bank building is being restored and converted with retail opportunities and visitor accommodation above. (See artist impressions below). 
An artist impression of the living space inside the former Barclays Bank building.
Artist impressions of the bedroom inside the former Barclays Bank building.

Coming this year:

  • Major highway improvements at Zetland Road/West Road; creating new short-stay parking lay-bys and better footpaths.
  • United Reformed Church is to be renovated into a new cultural space with mixed community and business space.
  • Lighting up Loftus Town Hall with feature lighting, as well as other heritage buildings on the high street.
  • Market Place – creating a more flexible public event space as well as creating new car parking spaces.
  • Arlington Chapel is to be cleared to make way for future sustainable development.
  • Arlington Highway improvements – new speed control measures to this end of the High Street, to assist visitors to easily access Loftus High Street.

Coming 2022/23:

  • Temperance Square – a new contemporary square and a ‘Skills and Training Hub’ for the community.
  • Zetland Road Townscape – to preserve and enhance the facades of the buildings on the high street.
  • Duncan Place and Coronation Park (pictured below) – a rejuvenated community hub with a new library facility added, along with an enhanced park.
An artist impression of what Duncan Place could look like.

Coming 2023/24:

  • Creating a new visitor car park at the existing library site.


For more information, please visit the Loftus Future High Streets Fund website.