Anti-social behaviour

What to do if you experience anti-social behaviour and what we will do to tackle it.

The definition of anti-social behaviour is rarely straightforward. What constitutes a nuisance or annoyance to one person may be of little concern to another.

We feel it is more appropriate to define anti-social behaviour as events on estates involving criminal behaviour, drug dealing and unprovoked assault. This is not a comprehensive list but gives an indication of the type of behaviour within this category.

What you should do

  • Contact us giving details of the events
  • Dial 999 in an emergency if you think there is an immediate threat to life or property and report the incident to the Police. If your concern relates to a criminal matters and requires police attention, please dial 101 or report the incident online
  • If the police have been involved, make a note of the log number as this may be needed to provide evidence
  • Keep diary sheets and make an accurate record of events