Wraparound childcare

Information and guidance about wraparound childcare.

In Spring 2023 the government announced a national wraparound programme. The aim is to support all working families that need it, to access wraparound childcare from 8am to 6pm, in their local area. Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council are committed to work with providers to ensure there is sufficient provision for all parents that require it from September 2024.  

What is wraparound childcare?

Wraparound care is before and after school childcare for primary school aged children in England during term time, such as breakfast clubs and regular afterschool provision that runs until 6pm or later. 

The care should be available every school day outside of regular school hours and is aimed at helping parents access more childcare and work the hours they want to. 

This is different from out-of-school activities, or school clubs, which are less frequent and can be a one-off activity. 

Provider communications and updates

The government’s ambition is, that by 2026, all parents and carers of primary aged children will be able to access Ofsted registered term time childcare in their local area. This will cover hours that wrap around the school day from 8am-6pm. 

This needs to be available to all children whose parents require it, including children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The aim is to make it easier for parents to access employment.​

Funding opportunities

The DfE has released guidance and announced funding allocations, covering the period from early 2024 to March 2026. Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council has been allocated programme funding of around £1 million, over three financial years, to create new or expand existing wraparound provision and to consider flexible, creative and innovative approaches to wraparound provision. The funding will split between revenue and capital streams and span the next two financial years.

It is the government’s expectation that from September 2026 all new or extended provision should be sustainable.

What is capital funding?

This means building work, decoration, and the installation of fixed assets. It does not fund furniture or unfixed play resources.

What could you do with capital funding to create wraparound provision?

  1. Remodel some unused space.
  2. Improve accessibility and make your wraparound provision more inclusive for children with additional needs or a disability.
  3. Expand your current wraparound building to create new provision for future demand.
  4. Add extra toilet facilities.
  5. Make more of your outdoor space. A log cabin could create more places or offer dedicated spaces for wraparound provision.

What could you do with revenue funding to create wraparound provision?

  1. Contribute to start up/expansion and running costs.
  2. Training for wraparound staff, including specialist training for staff to ensure they feel equipped to support children with additional needs.
  3. Transport hire to wraparound provision while demand builds.
  4. Staffing costs.


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