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ICON WEEK 25 – 29 September 2023

ICON Week of Webinars 2023

The third annual ICON week is  to raise awareness of infant crying and how to cope to support parents/carers and prevent serious injury, illness and even death of young babies as a result of Abusive Head Trauma that happens when someone shakes a baby.

ICON is a programme adopted by health and social care organisations in the UK to provide information about infant crying, including how to cope, support parents/carers, and reduce stress.

This year’s ICON Week is once again focussing on sharing ideas and best practices - the webinars are taking place throughout the week and are open to everyone (no charge).  Please see link: ICON Week 2023 - ICON Cope

Frozen Water Safety

It can be tempting to walk or play on frozen water, but the ice can easily break and it is never clear how thick the ice is.

If the ice breaks and you or someone you are with falls in, the temperature of the water can lead to cold water shock (an involuntary response which seriously affects your movement and breathing.

The water temperature can lead to hypothermia, a serious reduction in your body temperature, which can cause heart failure. This can happen to even the strongest swimmers.

If you see someone in trouble, DO NOT ENTER THE WATER! Call 999 immediately and try and reach them with an object from dry land.


Please take notice of the warnings and stay off the ice! 

  • Never venture onto frozen water. Even if it appears thick from the bank, it can become thinner very quickly and there is no way of knowing if it will support your weight.
  • Adults – set a good example to children by staying off the ice.
  • If a dog or other animal ventures onto the ice, or falls through it, do not go onto the ice to rescue it – you are likely to end up in the freezing water.
  • Never throw sticks or balls onto the ice for your dog – keep them on a lead near frozen water. Over 50% of ice related drownings involve the attempted rescue of a dog!
  • If you do see a person or animal in trouble in icy water, stay on the bank and phone 999. If you can reach the person with a branch, clothing tied together or other items then you could try to do so but stay firmly on the bank.
  •  Do not become a victim – phone 999!

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