Booking an inspection

Find information about booking a building control inspection.

Alteration and installations

We need to inspect your work at least 2 working days before you cover up any elements or fittings and within five working days of all work finishing.​

Substantial building work

You, or your builder, must tell us:

  • At commencement of work
  • At excavation for foundations
  • Prior to covering any reinforcing steel in foundations
  • Prior to covering up any hardcore or damp proof membrane
  • Prior to covering drains
  • Prior to plastering or encasing walls, beams, columns or ceilings
  • Prior to occupation (if prior to completion)
  • On final completion

For these stages you must let us know at least one full working day before the work starts, and within five working days of all work finishing.

We may also make additional inspections where we feel these are necessary.

Please contact us on 01287 612360 or 01287 612359.​