About the building control process

Find information about how the building control process works.

Checking the application

Once an application is received, a Surveyor will examine your submitted details to ensure they satisfy the building regulations, if an application meets current building regulations standards then the application will be approved.

In some cases a conditional approval will be issued if additional information is not available at the time the application was submitted and approved.

Conditional approval needs to take place prior to the relevant work commencing on site i.e. manufacturer's calculations for roof trusses.

There is an eight week time limit on issuing a decision for a full plans application.

Site inspections

The purpose of site inspections is to make sure that the person carrying out the work complies with building regulations before any work is covered up.

Completion certificates

Please note: It is your legal responsibility to notify us no later than five days after the work has been completed.

On completion we will provide, on request, a certificate to verify that your work has been inspected.

A completion certificate can be presented to financial institutions, solicitors, surveyors and so on, when evidence is needed that the work has been completed to the satisfaction of the council.

We always recommend that you obtain the completion certificate before settling your final account with your contractor. It can prove difficult to get contractors back to site to rectify defects once they have been paid.

An approval notice or completion certificate issued by the council should not be considered as a guarantee or warranty. The council are not liable for any economic loss due to defects or failure to meet minimum requirements of the regulations.

Quality of work

Please be aware building regulations are not a means to control the quality of work. You may be unhappy with the work you have had carried out but if it meets the minimum health and safety standards of the building regulations the council are obliged to deem the work satisfactory.

You will need to speak to your builder if you are unhappy with the work undertaken.‚Äč