Register a birth

Find out how to register a birth in Redcar and Cleveland.

Birth Registration

A birth must be registered in the registration district where it happened. If your baby was born outside of the Redcar and Cleveland district, for example at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, we can only take a declaration of the birth – this will be emailed to the Register Office in Middlesbrough, where the birth will be registered. 

Please visit the Middlesbrough Council website for more information about registering a birth in the Middlesbrough area.

You will need to make an appointment to register a birth or make a birth declaration. If you live within the Redcar and Cleveland district, you can register at three locations in the Borough.

These are at Redcar Civic Centre, Skelton Family Hub or Loftus Family Hub. You can find more information about local Family Hubs using the link below:

Legally this should be done within 42 days (6 weeks) of the birth. Please call us on 01642 444440 to arrange an appointment.

Who can register a birth or make a declaration?

If the mother and father / parent were married or in a civil partnership with each other at the time of the birth(s), either parent can register. Including a father / parent's details at the point of registration, gives them parental responsibility. Parental rights and responsibilities: What is parental responsibility? - GOV.UK (

If baby's parents were not married or in civil partnership with each other at the time of the birth(s), the father / parent cannot register alone - they will need to attend any appointment with the birth mother, to have their details recorded.

If the father / parent is not able to attend an appointment with the birth mother, their details will not be recorded on the birth entry. However, it may be possible to enter these details at a later date.

Application to re-register a birth following marriage or civil partnership of natural parents - GOV.UK (

If you're part of a same-sex couple, the process of registering a birth may be different. 

Register a birth: Who can register a birth - GOV.UK (

What information will I need when I register a birth or make a declaration?

  • The date and place baby was born
  • The gender of baby
  • The name and surname you intend to use to bring baby up using / you wish your child to be known by
  • Full names (forenames and surnames) of the parent(s), including any former name(s) / surname(s)
  • Place of birth of parent(s) and occupation(s) / job
  • Birth mother's address at the time of the birth and parent(s) current address if different
  • Parent(s) date(s) of birth and date of marriage / civil partnership (if applicable)
  • Number of previous children born to the birth mother

How much does it cost to register a birth?

A ​birth registration is free of charge.


A full certified copy of the birth certificate costs £11.00 – this can be obtained from the Register Office where the birth was registered.

If you live in the Middlesbrough area or your child was born in the Middlesbrough area, please use the link below to register a birth:  

If you require any further help or advice, please contact the Register Office