Getting married or forming a civil partnership

Find the information you need to get married or form a civil partnership.

Congratulations on choosing to be married or form a civil partnership

There are lots of decisions and choices to be made as part of organising your special day and the following information should help you.

To check if you are able to Marry or Form a Civil Partnership in England and Wales click here : - visit the website for more information

If you are thinking of marrying or having a Civil Partnership abroad, click here for more information : - Getting married abroad - GOV.UK (

If you are thinking of coming to the UK to get married/form a civil partnership, click here for more information on what documents you will need : - Come to the UK to get married - GOV.UK (

Getting Married / Forming a Civil Partnership in England and Wales

There are six steps that you need to know when you are arranging a marriage ceremony or civil partnership in England and Wales.

Step 1 - Choose which venue you want to have your marriage ceremony / civil partnership formation and provisionally book the date and time with the venue.

Step 2 - Book the Registrars to ensure your marriage / civil partnership can go ahead. There will be a non-refundable booking fee to pay at this point. 

Step 3 - You must sign a legal statement at your local Register Office stating you intend to get married or form a civil partnership.  This is called giving a Notice of Marriage / Civil Partnership. This must be no earlier than 12 months before your marriage/civil partnership, and no later than 2 months before.

If either or both of you live in the Redcar & Cleveland district you can book your notice of marriage or your notice of civil partnership using the links below.

Step 4 – Once you have given your Notices, you will receive an email from us, which will include a link to our online ‘Ceremony Choices Form’. This form is the clearest way for you to communicate all of your personal choices to the Registrars.  We ask that your ‘Ceremony Choices Form’ is submitted 2 months prior to your ceremony to ensure we have time to accommodate all your requests.

Step 5 – Your Marriage Ceremony / Civil Partnership Formation Day

Step 6 – You will receive your pre-paid certificate(s) by 1st class post within the next 5 working days after your ceremony. This is the document you will need to tell people and organisations that you have been married/formed a civil partnership.

If you need further advice or information, please do not hesitate to contact the register office on 01642 444440 or at

Register Office

Redcar and Cleveland Civic Centre

Ridley Street


TS10 1TD

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