What can I take to the tip

Information about what can and cannot be taken to Dunsdale Tip can be found here.

What can be taken to Dunsdale Tip?

A wide range of items can be taken to the Dunsdale tip. These include:


General waste

Household waste that you would normally put in your general waste bin. 

Textiles and shoes

Items such as shoes, clothing and other textiles.

Garden waste

Green garden waste that you would normally put in your green waste bin.


Plastics, such as empty cartons and other household plastic packaging. 


We accept electricals at the Recycling Centre and dispose of them to WEEE standards. You can dispose items such as:

  • Large household appliances e.g. fridges, cookers, microwaves, washing machines and dishwashers;
  • Small household appliances e.g. vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters and clocks;
  • IT and telecommunications equipment – e.g. personal computers, copying equipment, telephones and pocket calculators;
  • Consumer equipment e.g. radios, televisions, hi-fi equipment, camcorders and musical instruments;
  • Lighting equipment e.g. straight and compact fluorescent tubes and high intensity discharge lamps;
  • Electrical and electronic tools – e.g. drills, saws and sewing machines, electric lawnmowers;
  • Toys, leisure and sports equipment e.g. electric trains, games consoles and running machines;
  • Household batteries e.g. lithium, alkaline, nickel-cadmium.​​


​​We accept asbestos at the Recycling Centre. However, we can only accept a maximum size of 4ftx3ft pieces and these must be double wrapped. Any pieces larger than this cannot be accepted.

What shouldn't be taken to Dunsdale Tip?

Medical Waste

Medical waste and sharps should not be taken to Dunsdale Tip for disposal. This sort of waste needs to be disposed of correctly as it poses significant risk to our staff and other users of the tip.

If residents have medical waste or sharps that they need to dispose of, they can do so using items such as sharps boxes and taking them to a chemist or doctors surgery for proper, safe disposal.

Find out more about proper disposal of sharps and other medical waste on the NHS website: How should I dispose of used needles or sharps? - NHS (www.nhs.uk)


Vapes are not accepted at Dunsdale Tip and need to be disposed of separately. Please speak to staff on site for more information.