​​Local Housing Allowance

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is housing benefit which helps pay the rent if you are on a low income and rent from a private landlord.

LHA is based on the rent levels for the area and how many people there are living in the household, not the actual rent charged for the property. It is designed to give you choice between the quality and the price of your accommodation.

If the actual rent charged is greater than the LHA, you will have to pay the difference to the landlord.

In most cases payment will be made direct to the tenant and it is their responsibility to pay the rent to the landlord. We recognise that some people may struggle with this responsibility and help is available.

​​LHA is reviewed annually alongside other benefits being assessed. You can ask for a review if your rent increases or decreases.​​

How is Local Housing Allowance worked out?

​Local Housing Allowance is worked out based on the number of rooms you need in your property depending on your household circumstances.

You can check how many bedrooms you may be eligible for​ based on the number of people in your household on the directgov website.

The table below shows the amount of LHA you could receive​​ if you were entitled to full benefit.

  • ​Shared Accommodation Rate:           ​£65.00 per week
  • One Bedroom Rate:                           £86.30 per week
  • Two Bedrooms Rate:                          £99.65 per week
  • Three Bedrooms Rate:                       £115.00 per week
  • Four Bedrooms Rate:                         £155.34 per week