Housing benefit

To make a claim, report a change or upload information that we have asked you for, click online options.

Please note: If you're making a new Housing Benefit claim (and are of working age), you may have to claim Universal Credit instead. Read the information below to see if you need to do this.

Are you State pension credit age?​

You do not need to claim Universal Credit if you are of state pension credit age.​

Are you in supported or temporary accommodation?  

You will still need to claim Housing Benefit if you are in supported or temporary accommodation and you will need to claim Universal Credit for the benefits that cover your daily living expenses. 

To claim Universal Credit click here and follow the online instructions.​ For more information click Universal Credit or visit www.gov.uk/universal-credit

I'm already receiving Housing Benefit and I have had a change

Changes to your household or circumstances, such as moving house, the addition of a new child, an adult moving in or out of the property or changes to your earnings, can make a difference to your Housing Benefit entitlement. Please let us know if any changes to your household have taken place to ensure your Housing Benefit is prope​rly calculated. 

If you have received a letter from us regarding 'Housing Benefit Award Accuracy Initiative'

You can fill in the online review form here.

Before you start please make sure you have the following to hand:

  • National Insurance number
  • Claim reference number
  • Full details of your income and expenditure

​Information about Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is available to people on a low income who are renting their homes to help them pay rent. You must have less than £16,000 in capital or savings to qualify for Housing Benefit.  

You cannot apply for Housing Benefit if you are already receiving Universal Credit, unless you move into temporary or supported accommodation. If you need help towards paying your council tax you will need to apply to the Council for Council Tax Support.

Will I qualify?

You can visit the gov.uk benefits calculator​ to determine if you will be eligible for Housing Benefit and to get an estimate of your entitlement amount.

How is my entitlement decided?

We take into account your income and who lives with you when deciding your entitlement. We compare this to the minimum amount the government says that you need to live on and then calculate your claim. This is called a means test. Your entitlement decision letter will explain how your claim has been assessed your claim and advises you of your right of appeal should you disagree.     

If you experience any difficulties or require help and assistance you can ring us 01642 774774.  

You may qualify if you are:

  • On Universal Credit, Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance
  • On Pension Credit
  • Working and on low pay (including people who are self employed)
  • On a low income. For example, you might only get a retirement pension or getting social security benefits, like Personal Independence Payments