Household support fund

Information about the household support fund and how to access it can be found here.

The Government has announced an extension of the Household Support Fund of a further £421 million to be available to County Councils and Unitary Authorities in England to support those most in need to help with global inflationary challenges and the significantly rising cost of living.

This funding covers the period 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023 inclusive.

The expectation is that The Fund should be used to support households in the most need; particularly those who may not be eligible for the other support that the government has recently made available but who are nevertheless in need.

Energy bills are of particular concern to low-income households during the period of the fund and local authorities should prioritise supporting households with the cost of energy.

Please read below for Frequently Asked Questions and How to Apply

Q) Will I be entitled to an assistance payment

A) If you are a householder and receive Council Tax Support you will be entitled to a payment.

Q) I don’t receive Council Tax Support but I am struggling financially can I apply  

A) Yes- you may be entitled to discretionary assistance if you have a low household income and you are in a credit deficit.

Q) What does credit deficit mean  

A) Credit deficit means that your essential financial outgoings (bills and living expenses etc.) are more than your income

Q) How much will I receive

A) If you are receiving Council Tax Support you will get a one-off set rate payment of £50 if you are a household without children. If you have a dependent child in your household for whom you are responsible you will receive £100. If you are entitled to discretionary assistance the amount that you will receive will be between £50-£200 depending on your financial circumstances.

Q) Can I claim a set rate payment and a discretionary payment as well

A) No. Set rate payments will be made to households in receipt of Council Tax Support and discretionary payments will be made to low-income households that are not entitled to Council Tax support.   

Q) When will the assistance be paid

A) If you have made your claim before 12 December 2022, the first set of payments will be made on 16 December 2022 ahead of the School Holiday period. Eligible claims made after 12 December 2022 will be paid on 25th March 2023.  

Q) How do I apply

AIf you are Receiving Council Tax support and have received a Household Support Fund payment in the past you do not need to re-apply. To make a new claim click the link below:  

If you are not entitled to Council Tax Support and you are a low income household and cannot afford to pay your bills or pay for food apply for a discretionary payment using the link below:

Q) I want to talk to someone about this assistance scheme

A) we have a small team administering the assistance and limited resources to deal with enquiries.

We hope that we have provided enough information on this page to avoid you needing to contact us and we will update it regularly with new information.

If you have an urgent enquiry regarding the scheme you can contact us by email: