Information about the allotment sites we manage in the borough, the allotments waiting list and how to apply for an allotment.

Allotments are a great way for you and your family to grow fruit and vegetables, free from additives and for little cost.

There is also the social and health elements of having an allotment; you can meet new friends who share similar interests, enjoy gentle exercise and have a place to relax and unwind.

We have 14 allotment sites that are split over two areas; Redcar and Greater Eston.

Below are a list of our current allotment site locations:

Greater Eston:

  • Bankfields - Bankfields Road, Eston.
  • Eston Bells Field - Normanby Road, South Bank.
  • Eston Grange - Church Lane, Eston.
  • Normanby - Flatts Lane, Normanby.
  • Teesville - Lime Road, Normanby.
  • Mushroom Grove - Eastcroft Road, Grangetown.


  • Ambleside - Lakes Estate, Redcar.
  • Meggitts Lane - Meggitts Avenue, Dormanstown.
  • Redcar Lane - Redcar Lane, Redcar.
  • Redcar Racecourse - Rear of Borough Park, Redcar Lane, Redcar
  • Rivers Estate - Thames Road, Redcar.
  • The Ings - Holyhead Drive, Redcar.
  • Warrenby - Tod Point Road, Warrenby.
  • Zetland - The Crescent, Redcar.


Applying for an allotment

Residents can apply for an allotment by contacting our customer services team on 01642 774774.​

Allotment Waiting List

Please contact the customer services team on 01642 774774, contact the team by email at or use our live chat service to find your position on the waiting list. The team will be more than happy to help.​


Allotment rent varies depending on the size of the plot. The current allotment rental fees are available below. These fees cover the full year. 

  • Extra small - £43 per year.
  • Small - £58 per year. 
  • Medium - £85 per year. 
  • Large - £119 per year.
  • Extra large - £166 per year. 

Parish and Town Council Allotments:

There are allotment sites within the borough that are m​anaged by the Parish and Town Councils.

You should contact the Parish and Town Council's directly to enquire about Allotments in their area: