Corporate appointee and deputyship service

We provide an appointee and deputyship service for social care clients who are unable to manage or make decisions about their money or their property. This is because they have had an assessment that says they lack mental capacity to make financial decisions for themselves.

As an appointee or deputy, we will manage your money on your behalf. We will make sure that any household or care bills are paid on time, debts are repaid, and that you have enough money to pay for your daily living expenses.

If you have a large income, savings and investments or own a property, we will apply to the court of protection to become your deputy. This will give us authority to make decisions about your property and other assets. We will always make decisions that are in your best interest.

We will only apply to become your appointee or deputy if you have no-one else who is willing, able or suitable to do this for you.

Fees for this service

We charge a fee for our appointeeship and deputyship service to help pay towards administration and banking costs.

The fees depend on whether we are acting as appointee or deputy. 

The appointeeship fees for 2021-22:

  • for clients living in the community £210.00 per annum
  • for clients living in residential care £72.00 per annum.

We also charge a relinquishment fee if we stop being an appointee for someone. These fees are:

  • if client takes back management £131.00
  • Ii client dies with a will and there is next of kin £488.00
  • if client dies without a will or next of kin £604.00.

Please click her to view deputyship fees Gov.UK Deputyship Fees

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