Adult social care engagement strategy

The Adult social care engagement strategy outlines how we will engage with the adults we support, along with their carers and family.

Engaging with communities, partners and local businesses is key and sits at the heart of everything we do. Engagement is vital to deliver excellent services that meet the needs of the adults and carers that live in our Borough.

By listening to the adults we support, along with their carers and family we can gain valuable insight into the unique experiences of adults who use our services.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council is committed to working together with adults and carers to plan, design, commission, deliver and evaluate Adult Social Care services.

We want to know if the services we offer make a difference to the challenges that adults and carers face daily and if they improve their quality of life.  Are services easy to access, person centred and provide high standards of care and support?  Are we investing our resources in the right areas?  

We cannot make improvements to our services without this feedback and additionally without the feedback from the wider community, our staff, and partners. 

This strategy describes our approach to Adult Social Care engagement activities and our annual report details and assesses the effectiveness of our current engagement practices.

We want to build on existing community spirit, encourage adults and carers of all ages to celebrate Redcar & Cleveland’s many positive features, improve community cohesion and boost wellbeing.

We want to involve residents in the development of our communities and services to ensure we use our resources well, to benefit those who most need them so we can all appreciate our Borough, respect one another, and enjoy our lives together.

You can download and view the full strategy below: