Boundary Review 2023

A Parliamentary Boundary Review looks at the current constituencies and makes recommendations for any changes.

The Boundary Commission for England began a new review of all Parliamentary Constituencies in England.

Timetable of this Boundary Review

5 January 2021

  • Publication of headline electorate figures by Office of National Statistics (ONS)
  • Boundary Commission for England begin development of initial proposals

24 March 2021

  • Publication of complete ward-level electorate figures ad potential wards

10 May 2021

  • Publication of Boundary Commission for England’s “Guide to the 2023 Review” document 

8 June 2021

  • Publication of initial proposals 
  • Start of 8-week consultation

7 February 2022

  • Publication of the responses to the initial proposals

22 February 2022

  • Publication of secondary revised proposals
  • Start of 6-week secondary consultation

Mid to Late 2022

  • Publication of secondary consultation proposals
  • Start of 4-week consultation period

No later than 1 July 2023

  • Submission to Parliament and publication of final report and recommendations


What you need to know

Initial Proposals to Redcar Constituency

  • Addition of Ladgate, Marton East and Park End & Beckfield wards from Middlesbrough Council
  • Name change of Constituency to Redcar and Eston Ward

Initial Proposals to Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Constituency

  • Addition of Longbeck and St Germain’s wards from the Redcar Constituency


More details about the Boundary Review 2023 can be found on the Boundary Commission website